Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tiger Lily Wildflowers

My latest stroll through the woods brought me this great surprise. These beautiful tiger lilies were in a neighboring park growing along the edge of the woods. I've often seen them after they had bloomed or were already beginning to fade, but this time I caught them in all of their glory.

They proudly displayed their lovely spots and stamens.

It was truly a wonderful day; not only because of the flowers but because it also included a walk with my sweet four-year-old grandson. In my opinion, he is the truest wonder of all.

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Patsi said...

Tiger lilies are so pretty.
We had a bunch on our property when first living here, gave lots away. Good hardy plant but not invasive here. Enjoy.

Margaret Duarte said...

Hi Jane Marie,

The pictures of your garden on this blogsite are beyond beautiful. And now I'm enjoying the your lovely Daylilies. What a treat every time I come for a visit. I have two granddaughters (five and three), so I know what you mean about grandchildren being the true wonders--along with your garden, of course. Thanks for sharing.