Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wildflowers in the Woods

I love wildflowers; there's nothing quite like a bouquet on the dining room table. I have to admit to not being knowledgeable of their names, though, so this is my new quest -- studying up on Michigan wildflowers.

On Wednesday I took a walk in the woods with my daughter and grandson. We discovered many different wildflowers in bloom. I tried to capture a few with the camera, but the wind was blowing just enough so that every time I was ready to shoot, they moved.

Can you help me name a few? (Update: Thanks to a few helpful followers, I was able to name all flowers shown here.!)

Here are a few I was able to capture:

A View of the River as we crossed the bridge

Blackberries starting to ripen. We ate a few :)


St. John's Wort

Crown Vetch

Deptford Pink

Ox-Eye Daisy

Queen Ann's Lace

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Michelle said...

I love wildflowers. As I'm strolling through the orchards I always imagine bouquets of all the little pretties.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lovely! :-)

Crafty Gardener said...

I'm sure your first ? is vetch, a clinging, climbing wild vine

Kerri said...

I love to walk in the woods and down by the river looking for wildflowers. It's so peaceful with the bird songs and perhaps an occasional critter if we're lucky.
Your first ? is crown vetch and the second may be deptford pink. Here's a great site for wildflower IDs:
Click on Wildflower Gallery. You can search by color as well as names.
Happy summer!

Jane Marie said...

Thanks Crafty and Kerri! I knew someone would know the answers.