Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh, That Orange

While doing this Color in the Garden series, I discovered that I don't really have a lot of orange in my garden, except for daylilies, and I try to avoid buying any more of those.  Orange seems to jump right out and take control of your eye, leading you away from the other beautiful colors.  But if used in small amounts the color orange, or even rust, can be an awesome color.  I try to keep it away from red, but combined with purple or blue, it blows me away.
 I noticed that Mother Nature only seems to allow orange flowers to bloom in the heat of the summer or early fall. I think the pigment is stronger than the pastels and provides protection from the sun.  The way nature works things out is absolutely amazing.
The following pictures are a few of the orange and rust flowers I found in my garden:

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1 comment:

Kerri said...

I feel the same way about orange. It can indeed be an awesome color in the right place.
I've really enjoyed seeing all your colors, Jane Marie. I think we're all craving them at the moment.
I'm so looking forward to those pretty pastels of Easter!
Enjoyed the beautiful music too. So peaceful with my morning coffee. Thanks.
Hope you have a lovely day :)