Monday, November 2, 2009

Cold, Wild Winds

This past weekend we went to Traverse City. Traverse City is at the top of the mitten near the little finger of Michigan and is known for cherries and it's wineries. It's a beautiful spot and is a favorite of most Michiganders.
We set out on a wine tasting trip but it wasn't a great day for that, just because we had to run in and out of buildings dodging raindrops. It was cold and miserable. Once inside, each place had a warm fire going in the fireplace. That along with a bit of wine warmed us up quickly until the next time we had to dash to the car.

We visited the Good Harbor Vineyard and also the Ciccone Vineyard and Winery , which is owned by Madonna's family. It ended up being so miserable out that we gave up, went out to eat, and then started for home.

On the way north, we stopped at an observation point to view the Lake and the white caps. The wind was literally roaring, and I could stand next to the railing with my arms out and lean into it as it held me up. We all realized that we must be crazy to be out in this weather.

This is an area called Fish Town in a small city by the name of Leland. The waterfall is a fish ladder which the salmon jump to go back to their spawning grounds. It's fun to watch on a nice sunny day, but on this day just a quick glance was all we needed to satisfy our curiosity.

On a good day you can walk the docks and watch the fishermen at their work. Here are some nets hanging on a rack. The shops were all closed, as it is now past tourist season. I guess that is really a sign that winter is coming soon. But in true Michigan fashion, the next day the sun was out and only light jackets were required, except for a few hardy souls who dressed only in their shirtsleeves hoping to put off wearing winter attire for a little while longer.

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

You know what amazes me most? Is that from that cliff and with the water white-capping like that, the lake looks very similar to the ocean! Beatuiful shots, and I'm glad you were able to stay warm with the fireplaces going in the shops.


Sheila :-)

Jane Marie said...

Sheila, If you've never seen Lake Michigan you would be surprised. Most people are shocked the first time with the size of it. You can't see across to the other shore (Wisconsin) and it most definitely looks like an ocean. On occasion the waves are large enough to surf on and the undertow is ferocious enough for warnings. Many large ships have been lost in the gale winds and rough waters, the most famous is the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Lindalou said...

I love northern Michigan. Every summer we get to spend a few days in Leland. Thanks so much for the picture of Fish Town. I've never seen it this time of year. When I'm there it is full of people. It looks so bleak and cold now. Thanks for sharing.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I can almost feel the cold, but water is always beautiful!

joey said...

Mid-November greetings, Jane Marie. I posted our trip to the wine country last month. I love northern Michigan in all seasons ... your photos, great!

prashant said...

I'm glad you were able to stay warm with the fireplaces going in the shops.

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