Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Glory Days Are Over

This is what I found after the first hard frost.
May my morning glories rest in peace.
So sad.

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flowrgirl1 said...

That is always sad! I hate to see my heavenly blue morning glories wilt. they are so beautiful!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Jane, at this point, I would trade the morning glories on the fence bdhind us for some cooler weather. We've still got 90 degree heat. We thought it would cool down early as we had some cooler days in August, but somehow, we have heat in October.


Sheila :-)

Msrobin said...

Oh boo hoo, I'm sad right along with you. It's much colder than usual for this time of year, so yesterday I wore all black and said I was in mourning for summer! I think it's our love of gardens that makes so many of us into winter haters. We've only had a light frost, so I still have plenty of flowers, but I know their days are numbered. Possible snow on Saturday. Boooooo!

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