Thursday, October 29, 2009

Falling Leaves

If you're not living in the Eastern or Midwest part of the US, you might not be able to enjoy our fabulous color changes. This year colors are spectacular. Even through the overcast days, the skies were painted with a frame of red, yellow, rust and orange. Here in Michigan we have the added benefit of the dark green pines.

This sugar maple is in my back yard. I'm afraid it's on it's last day or two.

The grass is now carpeted with falling leaves. Tomorrow my husband will start up the mower and grind these up to mulch, but today I can enjoy the glory of it all.

Even the steps are completely covered.

Yesterday we traveled about an hour north to look at a house on a lake that's for sale. The shore is thick with cattails that are also turning shades of rust and brown.

The trees on the opposite shore reflect in the still water. Across the street from the house was a forest of colors, but I neglected to take photos. Needless to say, even after living here all of my life, I am still in awe with Autumn.

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blushing rose said...

Beautiful, Jane Marie, TY for sharing.
Have a BOO-tea-FUL weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

joey said...

Ah yes, beautiful, Jane Marie ... do hope your wishes come true!

Kerri said...

Our Autumn color show was lovely, but brief. Glad you're enjoying the beauty there.
Love that song!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

That sure is a pretty area! What did you think of the house and property?

Msrobin said...

Jane Marie, I agree that autumn is Michigan's finest hour. We were up there last weekend, and even in the rain it was lovely. But my new home state of Ohio is the same, full of brightly colored leaves and beauty! It's been a fabulous autumn, and I've been out enjoying it at all the local parks.

Sue Swift said...

Amazing colours. Wish I could be there to see them.

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