Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh my, Those Morning Glories.

Oh my,those wonderful morning glories!
I never planted morning glories this year, but they reseeded themselves as they often do. Then around July I noticed them starting to climb up my arbor.

Now look at what I've got -- Just when fall is bringing a dead and dry look to the garden area.

Isn't it a beauty? This morning I spotted a rose/fuchsia color starting to bloom. I guess it's never too late. Oh my, those morning glories!!!!

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Machelle said...

I love morning glories, they remind me of my grandmothers garden.

keewee said...

Yay! for the morning glories bringing color when most of the other flowers are past their best.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I wish I had morning glories in my garden! I tried and failed. They grew well in my Kansas City garden, but here in the NW I don't have any luck. Yours look great and what a surprise to have them in fall!