Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Day in the Park

Last weekend we spent the day with our grandson. It was perfect weather for a day at the park and lunch sitting at picnic table under the shelter of the tall maple and oak trees. It's a beautiful spot with a spring-fed pond and stream. You can see the bubbles coming up from the bottom of the little pond as the water comes to the surface. It is so clear that it looks like it is a few inches deep, but in reality is more like 4-5 feet.

Vinca covers the hill. It loves the moisture and shade this area has to offer.

What little boy doesn't love sticks? You can do so many things with them!

The ferns and hostas were still beautiful and lush green.

There's even a special arbor for weddings. People were beginning to arrive for the ceremony. I didn't have the nerve to take a picture of the bride. It's a private day for the family, and not for paparazzi, don't you think?

Is that a fish? Or just a leaf floating by? Poke it and see.

And now it's time for a round of golf. My these new plastic clubs Nana bought are wonderful!

It was a special day I will never forget. I hope he will remember it too as childhood turns in to adulthood.

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Diane said...

How beautiful! What a wonderful location for a wedding, too. And the darling boy? I can only imagine what memories he'll have of that day!

joey said...

A delightful post, Jane Marie ... a day with the grandchildren is 'as good as it gets'! (And you really got me ... hearing water, I jumped up and checked the pipes in my office bathroom, thinking I had a huge issue ... then I heard the birds ... dah :) Congratulations on your nomination ... I was delighted to see my name beside yours.