Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something's Coming, Something Good

Could be...
Who knows...
There's something due, any day
I will know, right away
Soon as it shows.

It may come cannonballing down through the sky
Gleam in its eye, bright as a rose.

Who knows?

It's only just out of reach
Down the block, on a beach
Under a tree -
I got a feeling there's a miracle due
Gonna come true, comin' to me...

Could it be, yes it could
Something's comin', something good
If I can wait.
Something's comin'
I don't know what is
But it is gonna be great.

It's only just out of reach
Down the block, on a beach
Maybe tonight...
Maybe tonight...

Maybe next week !!!!!

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Diane Kidman said...

Well! I am certainly intrigued now! Jane Mariaaaaa, I just met a blogger named Jane Mariaaaa.....

Wow, my singing's bad even in type.

mothernaturesgarden said...

Love it.