Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday (?) Back From the Hospital

This is what I started to write last week .....

Today I have much to be thankful for, so for my Thankful Thursday post, I will tell you how I spent the last two days.
Mu husband has had some heart problems in the past and a few months ago it reared it's ugly head. After extensive nuclear stress tests and EKGs, it was determined that all was well.
Tuesday he had a chili dog (I know, the doctors told him he was fine so to him that meant he could eat what he wants.) Within 15 minutes he got a rash all over his body, then his throat started to close off and he couldn't breathe. He was in the North country, very few doctors and hospitals, but he remembered seeing what he thought was an urgent care facility. He drove himself there (Another big no,no. Always park the car and call the ambulance to you) It turned out this facility was a medical center but there were plenty of doctors on hand to give him immediate assistance. He was going into anaphylactic shock which triggered heart attack symptoms. They put him in an ambulance and sent him off to Grand Rapids, where the finest hospitals in the state and best doctors in the country can be found.
After many tests, it was finally determined, he had not suffered a heart attack this time, and the rash and breathing problem was probably an extreme reaction to some food that he had eaten, which then set the heart problems off.
Today he is resting at home and all is well. He's never had any food allergies before, so now we have to figured out what caused this whole thing.
I'm exhausted but much relieved.

Oh, but wait, here I am again to tell you why this didn't get published on Thursday. As I was writing it, my husband informed my that he had giant hives all over his body. We went back to the ER and spent hours there again. More meds and injections, while I waited and watched him sleep it off. He's home again and was able to go back to work today after a weekend of rest, but there's still no answer to the problem.
So if you're wondering where my gardening posts are, you can see we've been a little busy here. Thursday or not, we've very thankful!

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Sharon said...

Wow...scary...hope you find out what he's allergic to! Glad he's allright!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Jane, I'm so sorry to hear this! Hope all is better soon. What a scare! Thinking of you...


Sheila :-)

Amy said...

Wow, you've both been thru quite an ordeal. I'm offering up a prayer for your husband. God bless you both.