Monday, March 9, 2009

Oxalis, Green Shamrock

I bought this Shamrock plant last year after St. Patrick's Day and got a great deal. I knew I never was able to keep one for long, but for that price, I could afford to gamble. Well, here it is -- a year later. It is still thriving and blooms regularly.
What did I do that was different from the past? I watered it! I let it tell me when it needs watering instead of trying to keep a routine. As soon as it wilts, I give it a drink. Within hours it has perked right up and looks healthy and green.

I've read how oxalis needs light moisture, light but not direct sun, and a dry resting period for a few months in the dark. I didn't follow any of that advice. (That could have been why I failed before!) Maybe this variety (oxalis regnellii) of the shamrock plant just didn't seem to be that fussy -- there are over 30 varieties. I do know that it is a bulb and can be grown outdoors here, but must be taken up in the fall. It's really a lot easier to grow it as a container plant.

Well, the joke is on me, because any time I had a shamrock plant that died, I threw it out. I guess they weren't dead at all but just going into their hibernation mode. Hmmm, maybe I should have read a few of those plants books I have that are collecting dust on the shelves. Ya think? Sometimes you just think you know it all and then you find out you're still a babe in the woods! Next maybe I figure out how to find that pot of gold!

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Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

'Luck of the Irish', as the saying goes! This year your luck was certainly there...and you learned something too. I am finally realizing that my entire gardening life is an experiment and may or may not survive my varied methods of nurturing or neglect! Live and learn, right? I've never had an oxalis...but it's certainly in style right now, with St Patrick's Day right around the corner!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Jane Marie, this is such a lovely plant! I don't know that I've seen one. I love it for St. Patrick's Day. :-) That's funny about the plant murders not being murders after all.

On another note, I have a post planned that is going to require the help of my little friend Cecelia, but she was sick last week with the flu. Then she had a relapse on Sunday. So until she's well, I can't do the post. I'm hoping to do it this weekend. I just love all of the cute veggies and baskets. I have plans to give them to Cecelia for her doll house because she loves it so AND because she's so meticulous with it. She's getting them as a reward for spelling and for being a co-hostess on my blog. ;-) She really enjoys doing that. I like to encourage her to be creative.

Love to you,

Sheila :-)

MuseSwings said...

The thing about house plants is they have got to adapt to the owner - not the other way around. I've lost more than I can count, but the ones that stick around get to stay as long as they like.

Cathy said...

Gotta love the Shamrocks! I love the
different shapes and sizes they come
in and their little dainty flowers.

Kim and Victoria said...

That sounds just like something I would do......throw out a plant because I thought it was dead

Deb said...

Jane, I love your plant - so very pretty especially with the butterfly plant keeper. I thought the same thing about my green shamrock plant - thought it had died. But I kept it and it perked up! I have a purple shamrock, too, and that one is amazing.