Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentines Winner Announced

I loved reading your Valentines stories. For me, it was the best giveaway I have done in a long time. Some were funny, and some romantic. You all did a great job in entertaining me.
My favorite story, by far, was Sharon's and that's why I chose her as the winner. In my book, laughter and love go hand in hand.
Sharon has been notified and has already responded. Congratulations Sharon! You are a lucky woman, indeed!

Here is what Sharon wrote:

My husband and I had just started dating a few months before our first Valentines Day. He was a printer, and I had asked for some personalized stationery a couple of weeks earlier. On Valentines Day, he gave me the box of stationery and said, "Here's your order", and he never said "Happy Valentines Day" or anything. I mumbled, "Thanks" and went to work, sad that he hadn't said or given me anything for our first Valentines Day. When I got to work, I decided to look at my personalized stationery to see how it had come out, and inside the box was a cute little white teddy bear holding a red rose, a pretty cloth basket decorated in hearts and filled with red foil-wrapped chocolates, and a small box wrapped in red paper! Inside the little box was a necklace with a heart-shaped ruby!!! My mouth fell open and I yelped and tears sprang to my eyes immediately!! My co-workers stared at me! lol! I called my husband-to-be and thanked him profusely and we laughed and laughed!!

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Kerri said...

Jane Marie, I loved reading Sharon's lovely story. What a romantic husband she has :)

Mildred said...

Congrats Sharon - that is the cutest story ever!

MuseSwings said...

What a nice story! A romantic surprise - and prize - for Sharon!