Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring Thaw? - Thankful Thursday

I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to take part in Thankful Thursday hosted by Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses.

It's February so we know for a fact that winter isn't over yet. BUT if you live anywhere near Michigan, you know what a January Thaw is. (That's when there is an unexpected warm-up and all of the snow disappears, only to come back again until the end of winter.) Well, we didn't get a January Thaw this year. But I believe it is here now in February. First the temps went up, then the snow melted, then the rains and winds came. Now, it almost feels like March!! Whatever is going on we'll take it and be thankful. The air smells like spring, and I can actually see some perennials popping up. I know they will soon be buried in snow again, but there's always hope that this year will be different. And February IS a short month after all. All I know for sure is that today, I am thankful for the anticipation of the spring to come and the rebirth of the earth.
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Mildred said...

I can almost smell the spring-like air you describe! I love this time of year anticipating all the perenials popping up. We have been blessed this week with 60 and 70 degree days. Hope you have a wonderful day.

joey said...

Yea ~ I'm cheering beside you and also most thankful to see the beautiful brown earth, Jane Marie! And also thankful because my husband found his spare car key, blown by the snowblower into the garden ...

Kerri said...

We're enjoying the brief respite too, and I'm certainly thankful to breathe that fresh, warmer air.
We have bare patches of earth showing too. A little foretaste of spring. It's good! :)

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Jane Marie,
Your weather sounds wonderful for Michigan!
In northern VA, our weather has been in the high 50's and 60's and sunny! Today the wind has picked up (up to 50 mph) and a cool front is coming in...but I know spring is almost here;)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

We've had the coldest winter in history, and now we are having late spring weather! I actually need the AC. LOL!

Can't wait till spring has sprung! ;-)



Mildred said...

Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day. Hope you enjoy the weekend.

Rose said...

We've had the same February thaw, Jane Marie. It really felt like spring and made me want to dig in the garden. Today (Saturday), though, we had snow again! Winter isn't over by any means, but we know spring will be here soon.