Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm so Blue!!

I'm so blue and so is the TARP!!! Can you see it?
If you've been following along, you know that my house is up for sale. Part of the selling point is the garden and backyard. Pictures of my beautiful garden are on the Internet.
Here's the thing. My backyard neighbor died a few years ago, and her house finally sold. We were thrilled! Maybe the market is moving again. The price was comparable to our house -- good news for us. But I never dreamed that my new neighbors would park a trailer covered in a BIG BLUE TARP as close to the property line as humanly possible (that's my tree in front of the trailer and we own about four feet on the other side of the trunk) And I can't do one thing about it. It's all perfectly legal. How can I complain when we haven't even met them yet?

I'm finally emotionally ready to move and I'm sure this is going to hurt our yard appeal! Am I being a spoiled brat? Too selfish, only thinking about my own life? How would you handle this? Or should I leave it alone so I can get a good night's sleep?
Let me know your thoughts and ideas. I need another gardener's insight.

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nancybond said...

I'd let sleeping dogs, er, trailers lie. I honestly don't think it will take away from the beauty of your back yard, and taking it up with the neighbours may just create hard feelings...and one never knows exactly how long you'll be living next door. :) Not long now, I hope. Just my 2 cents worth.

joey said...

Ouch, a touchy subject but I agree with Nancy. Soon the joy of blooming spring will divert your 'blue' eye. Hang in there, Jane Marie :)

Mildred said...

I agree that your yard will soon get all the attention and nobody will notice that. You don't need the stress of worrying about hurt feelings at this time. Just look forward to warmer days and the time when you can move on.

My Mother's Garden said...

I just want to wish you much luck in selling your home.


comfrey cottages said...

i understand where you are coming from, but agree, just try to not worry about it! i know i have just had to train myself to ignore the neighbors things, hard i know! sorry about this blue blight on your visual appeal selling point of the back yard. most peeps probably won't think a thing about it hon! hugs:)

Msrobin said...

I can't imagine that it would actually stop someone from buying your house, but I have to admit that hubby and I are picky enough that we would notice. Pretending I'm a potential home buyer, I'd ask about local code restrictions, and whether they can legally park RV's there on their property. But on the other side, if I was the home seller, I'd plant shrubs or put up a small decorative fence in the area to block the view. JMO

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Is there some way to plant large hedges in front of it or a tall fence? I don't know the solution. Wish I could help.



Karen said...

If your neighbours are actually crossing the property line with their stuff, you should mention it to them. If they are fully on their side of the line, don't worry about it.

Also, anything you might do right now to try and disguise the trailer would only call attention to it. Sure, it would be better if it wasn't there, but on the other hand, I'm willing to bet it's not as big a deal to others as it appears in your mind. Minds have a way of doing that to us. Ask me how I know. ;-)

tina said...

I think you have a right to be upset. Hang in there.

Blondie's Journal said...

I agree that you should say nothing. If someone wants to buy your home they will regardless of the trailer.


Kerri said...

I tend to agree that a buyer's attention will be focused on your yard and house much more than the trailor. Try not to worry about it if you can. Spring will be here to brighten your outlook soon!
The seeds arrived! Can't wait to plant them :) Thanks again for hosting the giveaway.

jamaise said...

I think that honesty & human-ness is the best policy. If you are honestly concerned, then you have the right to be. Take over a small gift that speaks of who you are - your favorite baked good, some heirloom seeds - and simply tell them your concern, just like you told us. As long as they don't feel threatened, I'm sure they'll understand.

It might not hurt the sale, but what if it did?

Sharon said...

Our neighbors have an enormous bus sitting right next to our house. It used to really irritate us, but truthfully, now, since I have trained my mind NOT to see it, I don't even notice it. Live & let live is my motto because I am FAR from perfect! Hang in there & soon maybe you won't see that BIG BLUE tarp either...although, that is highly unlikely.