Monday, November 10, 2008

A Little Silliness

Today I want to have some fun and that requires a little silliness. I was thinking about how different life in the garden is today than when I was a kid. Insects were bad, all of them. We knew nothing of organic gardening and the word ecosystem had never been uttered. The food chain was not taught in schools, and respect for the earth hadn't been thought of once since the Native Americans tried to explain it to the white man, and it was promptly discarded.

I stumbled across this Mickey Mouse cartoon from 1935 called Mickey's Garden. I remember my mom and dad using those pump can sprayers. THey were filled with DDT and we didn't think anything at all about inhaling it. My husband used to play in the mist when his back yard was sprayed for mosquitoes!

I loved watching Mickey and Pluto in the garden in this video and it brought back a lot of memories, but it sure wouldn't be approved for children today.

Do you have any stories from your youth about how gardening is different now than it was then?

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garden girl said...

Good morning Jane Marie, scary to think of all the poisons that were used without a thought in home gardens, and scary to think of the more 'modern' poisons still being used.

My parents' first garden was organic. We'd been renters before that, and lost a baby robin we were raising due to pesticide poisoning from our landlord's vegetable garden (where we children were also allowed to play.) It was a formative experience for my parents' gardening practices and later, my own. They were reading Organic Gardening and Mother Earth News when I was a kid, and their gardening practices were quite progressive for the times.

One thing that was different is that they used a rototiller every spring, while most experts now recommend against tilling. Otherwise though, it was safe, healthy organic gardening, complete with back yard composting.

nancybond said...

I can't think of any specific stories off the top of my head, but my Dad was always a rather close-to-the-land gardener -- always a composter and manure spreader. :-) I do, however, remember those spray cans! Loved the little Mickey clip.